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With WnD Solutions, it is possible to choose between over fifty diverse TLDs for your website and even have a 100% free domain with your Linux web hosting packages account. Just read about the various TLDs that we deliver.

TLD Information

At WnD Solutions, we provide an extensive collection of TLDs! You can actually make your choice from more than Fifty unique domain name extensions for your web site! Yet, not many TLDs are the same in terms of global recognition, registration demands and supported capabilities. Some are usually more repeatedly registered as compared to others, and several involve additional information at sign up. The predominant number of TLDs can be registered for one to a maximum of 10 years, whilst some need to be registered for a period of one year. Learn about the domain names delivered by WnD Solutions together with their specifics in the table underneath:

TLDRegistrar-LockTransfersEdit WHOISID ProtectRegistration PeriodSingle registration
.comyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€13.85
.netyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€15.78
.orgyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€15.25
.infoyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€15.30
.bizyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€14.77
.usyesyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€12.84
.uknoyesyesno1-10 years€8.63
.co.uknoyesyesno1-10 years€8.63
.cayesyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€15.74
.eunoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€7.80
.com.aunoyes (EPP)yesno2 years€27.95 (2 yrs)
.we.bsnoyesyesyes1-10 years€4.80
.coyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-5 years€27.05
.aenoyes (EPP)yesno1-5 years€39.09
.qanoyes (EPP)yesno1-5 years€38.53
.co.zanoyesyesno1 Year€15.20
.runoyesnono1 Year€11.00
.esnoyesyesno1-5 years€11.89
.meyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€11.45
.tvyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€42.80
.inyesyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€11.97
.denoyes (EPP)yesno1 Year€12.84
.ityesyes (EPP)yesno1 Year€10.81
.nlnoyes (EPP)yesno1 Year€11.89
.frnoyes (EPP)yesno1 Year€11.39
.co.ilnoyes (EPP)yesno1 Year€22.48
.chnoyes (EPP)yesno1 Year€13.24
.senoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€17.85
.co.nznoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€29.71
.plnoyes (EPP)yesno1-3 years€28.36
.phyesyesyesno1-2, 5, 10 years€54.11
.jpnoyesyesno1 Year€40.63
.mobiyesyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€19.54
.ccyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€34.90
.wsyesyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€27.99
.beyesyes (EPP)nono1 Year€10.80
.mxnoyes (EPP)yesno1-5 years€52.66
.com.mxnoyes (EPP)yesno1-5 years€52.66
.org.uknoyesyesno1-10 years€8.63
.me.uknoyesyesno1-10 years€8.63
.net.aunoyes (EPP)yesno2 years€29.96 (2 yrs)
.atnoyes (EPP)yesno1 Year€15.02
.nunoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€18.14
.asiayesyesyesno1-10 years€16.29
.net.nznoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€29.71
.org.nznoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€29.71
.cnnoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€10.58
.com.cnnoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€10.58
.net.cnnoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€10.58
.org.cnnoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€10.58
.twnoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€27.14
.com.twnoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€27.14
.idv.twnoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€27.14
.org.aunoyes (EPP)yesno2 years€39.48 (2 yrs)
.nameyesyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€11.40
.proyesyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€5.20
.hostyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€7.28
.servicesyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€27.13
.websiteyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€6.24
.solutionsyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€18.61
.xyznoyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€12.38
.spaceyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€5.20
.clubnoyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€16.19
.newsnoyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€21.25
.topyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€14.17
.companyyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€8.05
.dealsnoyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€29.64
.siteyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€7.28
.gurunoyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€29.35
.ninjanoyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€17.47
.familynoyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€21.13
.partyyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€29.18
.ptnoyes (EPP)yesno1, 3, 5 years€17.78
.dknoyes (EPP)yesno1, 3, 5 years€27.69
.grnoyes (EPP)yesno2 years€28.22 (2 yrs)
.nonoyes (EPP)yesno1 Year€14.28
.finoyes (EPP)yesno1-5 years€17.20
.ienoyes (EPP)yesno1-10 years€21.06
.techyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€11.45
.pressyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€11.45
.onlineyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€10.41
.storeyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€11.45
.funyesyes (EPP)yesyes1-10 years€7.28

Registrar–Lock Option – You’re able to lock your domain name with your present registrar! All the time a domain is locked, all incoming domain transfer demands are instantly declined. In such a way, you are able to guard yourself against domain thefts!

Domain Transfer Services – If you move a domain name to WnD Solutions, an entire year is to be added to the date of expiration. For a few domains, an EPP authorization key is necessary. It’s given to you by the present registrar before the transfer operation is started. Although many providers have got special rates for domain transfer, with WnD Solutions, the transfer price is identical to the registration price!

Edit WHOIS Info – When you need to change the registration details of your domain, you can accomplish it via the Edit WHOIS menu in the Domain Manager.

Whois Privacy Protection – The WHOIS Privacy Protection service will assist you to cover your personal data from the public eye and also replace it with our own data!

The Registration Period – A TLD goes with its own registration period based on the registry’s policy. For example, a widespread domain like .COM may be registered for 1–10 years, whereas a domain like .BE can be obtained for 1 year solely.

Default Registration Period – A lot of the top–level domains support a lowest registration period of 12 months.

Notes – Underneath you will see the particular requirements for the different TLDs, if any.

Domain Names from WnD Solutions

At WnD Solutions, we don’t just distribute domain names. We offer top level domain management services. Additionally we provide a FREE domain name with any one of our cloud hosting plans.
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