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Control Panel

The WnD Solutions Control Panel

An all–encompassing site management tool

The WnD Solutions Control Panel is our idea of how site management needs to be done. It’s a place from which you can manage all aspects of your online presence without the need to make use of any additional billing or domain management tools. With the WnD Solutions Control Panel, you’ll be able to manage your domains, your websites and your payment transactions from a single place.

Our Control Panel is designed to run exclusively with our own Linux web hosting packages platform. This permits it to be faster and considerably more secure than any other Control Panel. Once inside, you will see all the features that you require to administer your website and numerous free bonus features that can help you further optimize your existing web site or quickly start a new one.

Domain Name Manager

Manage everything from one location
The Domain Name Manager is the only place you need to visit in order to manage your domain names. With just a few clicks, you can redirect or park domain names, alter WHOIS records or modify DNS records.

And the best part is that, when you’re all set, you can instantaneously begin working on your site – you can upload new files, create databases or install web applications. All thanks to the fact that all the tools are located in one single Control Panel.

Mail Manager

E–mail management is very easy with us
If you own a web site, you need to also manage all the mailbox accounts pertaining to it. And whilst creating emails is really easy, administering the respective email mailbox accounts could be tough. You may have to cope with junk mails, to create email filters, to concern yourself with security problems, etc.

With our Mail Manager, you’ll notice that managing email boxes is not hard at all. You will acquire fast access to all basic functions (you can redirect mail messages, create mail filters, request unsolicited bulk email protection, etc.) and you can administer multiple e–mailboxes simultaneously.

File Manager

File management in the cyber era
Web file managers have been in existence for a long time. But they are inconvenient, slow, difficult to work with and lacking in features. We have changed the situation. Our File Manager acts much more like a desktop file manager than a standard web file manager. You can upload files by dragging ’n’ dropping them, or move files and folders around. You can make use of our integrated source code editors and preview photographs. You can zip & unzip files or folders directly online.

And everything’s done with only a mouse click.

A Free Website Building Instrument

Launch your own web site today. Select your preferred layout with a click of the mouse.
Using the Free Website Building Instrument located in the Control Panel, you will be able to swiftly build custom web sites without needing to append one single line of CSS, PHP or HTML code. Everything is done by means of a user–friendly WYSIWYG (What–You–See–Is–What–You–Get) editor.

Our Free Website Building Instrument features more than 100 one–of–a–kind web site themes available in different color styles, which you can personalize according to your own desire.

A Easy Web Site Installer

Your brand new website can now go live instantaneously
When you begin creating a new site, the quicker you launch it online, the better. And picking a design layout can slow down your progress dramatically. With the Online Site Installer built into the Control Panel, you can put your next web site online with a custom website theme in less than five minutes. All you need to do is just complete 4 easy steps.

Our Easy Web Site Installer offers more than 100 free website templates. They are built to match the needs of our clients and vary from personal blog and portfolio website themes to business templates.

Hepsia vs. cPanel

Compare the two famous Control Panels
cPanel is the best known Control Panel on the World Wide Web and it can help you get the job done for sure. Nonetheless, it lacks the simplicity of use you’d expect in the age of flexible and intuitive interfaces. On the other hand, the Control Panel is new and is designed to work equally well now and in the future. It’s extremely fast, easy to navigate and is fitted out with a plethora of free tools to help you easily kick off your web presence.

If you are interested, you can take a peek at our Hepsia vs. cPanel head-to-head comparison and check out how these web hosting control panels deal with different website hosting tasks.

Stats Manager

Be fully informed about your web site statistics without 3rd–party apps
Normally, to find out what precisely is going on with your web site visitors, you need to create an account with a third–party company, to obtain tracking code from them, to add it on each single page on your site and to wait for the statistics themselves. With our Stats Manager, all you need to do is get your web site online.

We will take care of all the statistics automatically for you, without you needing to modify anything on your end. At any given time, you will be able to discover just how many people have looked up your site recently and how much time they have spent on it. What’s more, you will get access to up–to–the–minute stats about the most–requested pages, the pages on which your visitors first land when coming to your web site, the pages from which they exit your website and more.

Web Site Accelerator Tools

Your website will now be much faster
If have some experience setting up and customizing web sites, we have some great Web Site Accelerator Tools for you. Varnish, Node.js, and Memcached are incorporated right into the Control Panel. Using them, you will be able to boost your website’s load speed by ten times.


cPanel is the most popular web hosting Control Panel out there. But that does not imply that it is the finest – it has numerous faults and it has had them for such a long time that they are no longer considered faults by most users. But just because something was OK in the year 2000 doesn’t imply that the same thing will be okay now.

Here are the most crucial distinctions between the cPanel web hosting Control Panel and the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel:

With Hepsia, you can administer your website, domain name and billing very easy, from a one location.

With cPanel, you have 2 different Control Panel interfaces - one for your site and another one for your billing transactions and domains.

With Hepsia, each domain name has its own independent folder.

With cPanel, you have 1 main domain name folder and all other add-on domains are located inside it.

With the Hepsia Control Panel, you can use drag 'n' drop file upload directly in the File Manager. It also supports archive/unarchive options and right-click context menus.


After certain recent updates, cPanel's File Manager performs and looks much better. In spite of that, it offers neither drag-and-drop file upload support, nor archive/unarchive options.

With Hepsia, you get plenty of charge-free extras.

With cPanel, the free-of-charge extras you receive depend on the hosting solutions provider, which means that you can also receive a bare-bones cPanel with nothing else.

Tests have demonstrated that the Hepsia hosting Control Panel is three to five times faster than the cPanel hosting Control Panel.


While with the The cPanel hosting Control Panel you do your job, it's based on concepts from the year 2000 and can be sluggish at times.

Managing 10 different web sites with the Hepsia web hosting CP is as difficult as managing 1 or 2 websites.


Hosting more than ten web sites in a single cPanel hosting account is really hard.

The Hepsia web hosting CP lists just the most essential sections on the home page and you can navigate using drop-down menus available in each section.


the cPanel web hosting CP shows all available icons on the home page. To navigate between sections, you always need to return there.

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel features a full-fledged demo account with just several functions disabled. You can even set up an entire website and see how it looks like prior to deciding whether or not to register.


The cPanel hosting Control Panel offers a stripped-down demo, which will only give you a crude idea of what the cPanel web hosting Control Panel can do.

This list can carry on and on. But instead of merely reading about these web hosting Control Panels, why don’t you give the Hepsia web hosting CP a shot with our Live Demo and discover for yourself how easy web hosting can be?