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Control Panel

Managed Services

For Virtual Servers

Our Virtual Private Servers are equipped with all the tools and features that you need in order to manage your own private hosting environment.
However, if you need assistance in installing additional custom software on your VPS, in performing a weekly backup of your files, or in resolving common server issues, you could take advantage of our optional administration services.

They are offered as an upgrade and you can order them either from the VPS order form or through your Billing Manager account.


Our Managed Services include a full weekly backup of your Virtual Private Server. Not only will you have all your files and databases backed up, but also all the changes that you’ve made to the server’s software configuration, including the scripts or the Apache modules that you’ve installed and the PHP configuration tweaks that you’ve made. All this can be quickly restored at any time by our system admins in charge.


Updating the server’s OS can be tricky. Is the new release stable? Is it compatible with the server hardware? Do I have to update the kernel too? And how do I update the Linux OS that I’m running? We offer a quick solution to all these problems – weekly OS updates are included in the Managed Services package. We will regularly update the OS on your VPS to a release that is stable, reliable and compatible with the hardware that you are using.


If you don’t have time to constantly monitor your server, to check what system services are running and to react to a problem, we can take care of all that for you. Our server admins are here to monitor your Virtual Private Server 24/7/365 and, with our custom monitoring system, all resource usage spikes are immediately logged and our admins – alerted. This way, not only can we solve any existing problems, but also prevent them from reocurring.


If you want to have a special software product installed on your server, need help with the configuration of a script, or want our system admins to help you solve a specific problem, you can take advantage of the 30-minute Installation & Troubleshooting service, which is included in the Managed Services package. If you do, one of our sysadmins will be focused solely on your server and will help you accomplish whatever task you may have in mind.