We offer a 30–day money–back guarantee with all our cloud hosting packages, no questions asked.

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Linux Web Hosting Packages with a 30-Day Free Trial

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WnD SolutionsHostGatorBluehostMDDHosting
€4.69 (per month)$6.95 (per month)€7.20 (per month)€5.42 (per month)
Unlimited Disk SpaceUnlimited50GB10 GB
1 Hosted Domain1 Hosted Domains1 Hosted DomainsUnlimited Hosted Domains
100 E-mail accountsUnlimited E-mail accounts100 E-mail accountsUnlimited E-mail accounts
5 MySQL DatabasesUnlimited MySQL Databases20 MySQL DatabasesUnlimited MySQL Databases


All of our web hosting plans come with a 30-day free trial period. We don’t require any credit card or PayPal information during the trial. During the free trial, there will be some service limitations in place, but they are there mostly to prevent service abuse and not to hamper the functionality of the account. You are still free to upload your site, receive visitors, send out emails, create databases, etc. After the 30-day free trial period is over and you decide to purchase the plan you were testing, you will still be protected by our 30-day money back guarantee to insure a completely riskfree hosting experience.

A user–friendly Control Panel

The Control Panel will provide you with a full set of site management features and website controls. You will get a drag & drop File Manager, a fully featured Domain Name Manager, Free Web Applications tool, an easy–to–use Free Website Building Instrument and an up–to–the–minute web site stats tool. And if you’re still hesitating about your design, the 800+ bonus themes will definitely help. To accelerate your websites even more and to trim bounce rates, try out our Web Site Accelerator Tools.